Beer summed up in just one word: homebrewing!

Our Ideas

The idea of making beer at home (homebrewing in English) was the main reason that led us to start up this company (in every sense!) and is proof that the passion we have for beer is fundamental when proposing our creations to clients.

The Beginning

It all started a bit by chance, just as the best ideas always do. In 1999, in the last year of high school, a series of coincidences drew the world of beer to brewer Billy. After experimenting in the classroom, during the hours of biology lessons with Professor Olivero, he began his career in homebrewing.

The usual trials, first with kits (at the time it was not easy to find raw materials), then a brief try with extracts, then moving on to all grain. The main turning point was the design and construction of our first beer plant: a tank equipped with an immersion heater, a stirrer, an electrical panel to set the temperature for the mash and a pump for pouring and the whirlpool. It seemed possible to produce beer as a hobby, together with some satisfaction such as winning the beer contest ‘Birra in Versilia 2007’ and the popular beer contest in Piozzo called ‘Una Birra per l’Estate 2007’. But this was also the start of a period of study for us, both theoretical and practical, with the production of wort based on studying raw materials and production processes.

The experience gained up until that time allowed us to construct the second beer plant: a 50-liter apparatus made entirely in steel. It is still the main plant used in the brewery and gave us the chance to study and improve the long-standing recipes created by the two partners, thus leading to the creation of Sagrin beers!